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Saturday, October 6, 2012

September is ovah!

September into October...can't believe it's a new month, but also can't believe it's only been 23 days of school-- womp womp!  Grad school and teaching at the same time is so exhausting!  And my flu mist on Monday is kicking in!  boohoo!

Might get a new student next week-- tick tock...

Just finished up learning about the 5 senses-- kids were insane about it.  Sang "Five Senses" song to the BINGO tune, and all the kids can sing from memory now, and I videotaped them doing it for Monday.  For sight, we looked at ables and drew what they looked like on the outside and inside.  For hear, we listened to "mystery" cups and made guesses for what was inside.  Kids were psychos.  For smell, we just sprayed the room with Glade and read a book about smells.  For touch, we made stress balloons filled with kidney beans.  For taste, we had applesauce.  Fun, fun, fun!  

mystery cups

kids made houses out of squares, triangles, and rectangles-- numbers to come...kids asked if we were going to make cars-- cute!

Reach Unit 7 Part 1

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