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Saturday, May 26, 2012



  • I had a personal day last Monday, and the rest of the week flew by.  On Friday, we had Literacy Day at school, and my class hosted our program from 10:45-11:15am (which obviously ended up ending at 11:35-- and only because I kicked everyone out!).  The kids were SO nervous-- and so was I!!  They did an awesome job thought singing their 7 songs and the first graders +1 each made small speeches for each song explaining the learning behind each song and what the songs taught them.  I was so proud of them! :)  Then, the kids were each matched with an adult to read leveled books and writing from the past year.  I invited so many people that each student was able to work one-on-one with their adult.  Hooray!  Props later from my principal as well.  I'm happy it went well today, and I'm glad it's over!

Photos of the program I made:

information inside

back cover

Sunday, May 20, 2012



  • LAT data sheets are being completed...so much to get done with those, report cards, and end-of-the-year assessments! 
  • getting reallyy stressed about Literacy Day on Friday because only 4 of my parents are showing up...meaning 6 kids will have no one to read with Friday morning...I'm hoping that some of the people I invited from around community will come in to read with my kids...including my mom and sister who I may have to force!
  • one of my kids has a mom who is having a baby, and I can tell that he and his family are really excited...he told me that his mother would be happy about his prize box prizes because the baby likes erasers...super?
  • My Food Plate presentation by the director of food services was on Friday, and the kids LOVED the chef hats and trying different fruits!  We partnered with the DLC class for the presentation.
  • Caterpillars are all in their chrysalides, and on Thursday afternoon, one of them was going nutso side-to-side at the top of the butterfly pavilion...I almost had a heart attack!! I had videotaped the chrysalides moving for the kids to see the next day on my Mac, and they went absolutely crazy for it...I wonder if the butterflies will have emerged by tomorrow! 
  • 18 more school days left, I think?  my, time flies!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012



  • 21 more school days!
  • hung up quilt today in the lobby...kids freaked out and loved seeing their work displayed!
  • Literacy Day is starting to make me nervous...not that many attendees and some emails sent out with no responses....ahhh!
  • met with New Life Counseling today to talk about the trauma that some of our Haitian students feel after the earthquake or separation from family, etc...
  • exactly 1 month until the last day of school

Sunday, May 13, 2012



  • Can we just say how crazy the last hour of Friday was for me? I can't even think about the stress I felt about finishing those Mother's Day projects!!!! GOSH....I need to manage our time better next year!!
  • ELL Family Night on Wednesday night was a huge success, and I had 9 out of my 11 students show up -- holla holla!  
  • I had my post conference for my formal observation last Tuesday as well as my summative evaluation meeting -- both on Friday...it was facilitated by both my ELL director and my principal.  Needless to say, I was offered my position again for next year!  It's nice to know that somebody wants you! 
  • Full week back this week-- bring it on!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012



  • just got home 45 minutes ago after leaving the apartment at 6:30 this morning! just lovely.  long day today with bus behaviors/punishments starting at 8am this morning and then ELL family night setting up; and then NYAJ's with some colleagues; and then ELL family night until 8:40pm. GOSH-- exhausted!
  • cute lesson today that included Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and different food that the kids would like to rain from the sky
  • scheduled my post evaluation meeting for Tuesday
  • I really need to get working on my Mother's Day projects!!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monday and Tuesday


  • There is something in the air, and my kids are acting absolutely WILD! I thought that the great weather yesterday was the cause, but they were just as crazy today!  
  • Formal observation today with my principal...didn't go as well as I hoped...writing complete sentences with a Venn diagram was too challenging for them.  However, my para carried out first-grade groups really well, and I was grateful for her watching the clock.  My observation lasted for an hour and 20 minutes! Holy smokes.
  • ELL Family Night tomorrow night...have to be at the high school from 5 until at least 8:30pm...lovely.
  • 27 days left? WowwWwwWww

new weather wall

nasty....just got caterpillars from the science department

new door decoration: "If you give a student a..."

"If you give a kindergartener ice cream, he will ask for a cone."

If you give a first grader popcorn, he will want juice."

If you give a first grader a school, he will ask to learn about multiplication....and he will like it." HAHA!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Update

I went to the MATSOL conference in Framingham last Friday, and my favorite workshop was definitely the Mac programs to use with language-delayed students-- it was so inspiring, and I can't wait to implement different lessons and ideas I learned within my classroom!

This week is going to be cah-razy!  Tomorrow, I am going in super early because I was out on Friday, and obvi I need to play housekeeping in the room before even planning things.  It is also Picture Day tomorrow.  Tuesday is my 2nd formal observation with my principal, and I am super nervous.  Wednesday is ELL Family Night at the high school from 5-8:30pm...fun times...Thursday is a regular day (so I think), and I hope I can stay after school to spend QT with my classroom.  Friday is already Friday, and so begins another wonderful weekend followed by an extra long week!  Also, this week is National Teacher Appreciation Week!  I need to make sure to make time to make cards for other teachers, Nurse Appreciation week, Mother's Day, and 4th grade MCAS-- oh my!  busy busy!

Thursday, May 3, 2012



  • half day today!-- fleeewww by!
  • 15 minutes late today because I went to the wrong building for PD-- UGHHH how embarrassing!!!!! :( so frustrating
  • went back to school and stayed until 6:30; then raced to on apt. things with D; then raced to meet my mom and sister for dinner...FINALLY in bed...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012



  • longggg day today...oy
  • one of my kiddos is out with strep! yuck
  • new Legos for the kids from another teacher :)
  • saw a student at the library tonight...
  • worried about my formal observation on Tuesday...



  • Learning Walk today-- was not visited...on the fence about my feelings...oh well, hope they saw my bulletin boards! ;-)
  • began quilting after school with the other ELL teachers...ho hum
  • first-graders began learning about telling time today...pulled out some tricks with a hula hoop and clock design-- thanks to pinterest (obvi!)


4 posters hanging around the room...