Welcome to my teaching blog! I am an SEI teacher for kindergarten and 1st grade students, and this is my 3rd year of teaching in my own classroom. Every day is a new adventure, and there's never a dull moment! Please consider following my blog. :)

Monday, October 31, 2011


I thought today would be a nutso day, but it was manageable-- probably since half my students don't celebrate Halloween anyway.  Still, my aide and I dressed up as a cat and mouse, and the kids went crazy for the costumes. :) We also ended the day with some free painting and drawing, along with face painting and goodie bags.

  • Dressing up as a mouse was so fun today-- all the kids at school (not just my room) were excited. :)
  • Completed my first round of sight word recognition that I have been planning to do for awhile. :) Some students knew more than I gave them credit for-- isn't that always the case?
  • I love days with no recess duty. :)
  • K Math went so smoothly today...the kids were really trying, and they were engaged with pumpkin patterns! Yay! :)
  • I passed my Reading MTEL on Friday, and I think that that gave me motivation this weekend to plan for today. HooRaY! :)
  • Parent/Teacher conferencing schedules with translators between three classrooms is THE MOST STRESSFUL THING.  Wahh :(
  • I am excited for our ELL Thanksgiving celebration because I think it's important to share cultures and get to know the kids and their families through something meaningful and fun. :)

Biggest Concern:
  • My formal observation on Thursday is making me crazy.
  • Letter and NUMBER recognition for my kindergarten students...so difficult for them to grasp!
  • Why do some students count one-to-one "1, 2, 6..." WHAT?!
  • Inclusion with mainstream for my kids

Saturday, October 29, 2011


  • I baked pumpkin seeds for the kids, and they used it to do a quick math activity in centers...then they ate them!  Only 2 students didn't try the seeds, and everyone else loved them. :)
  • A student gave everyone the finger during lunchtime, and I had to bring him to the principal's office...what kind of kindergartener does that?! :(
  • There's a new wired fence around the playground equipment that really helps out recess duty...I just wish that we were still saying no to kids on the spider jungle gym (it makes me so nervous!). o_o
  • Drew a face on my huge pumpkin and the kids loved seeing it. :)
  • Playtime stations with the kitchen, house, and markers really divides the kids and helps things run smoothly. :)
  • Spoke to another first grade teacher about pushing a student into her class for part of her literacy block. :)
  • Comments about my math and alphabet in the kids' bathroom...they spend half their days in their; so they might as well be in an educational environment! :)

Biggest concerns right now:
  • Integrating my kids with mainstream classrooms
  • Synthesizing lessons from three different teachers' manuals for literacy
  • My Halloween costume for Monday
  • Kindergarten breakfast being served during Snack, starting on Monday

Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Snow

The first snow of the cold season is here...New England is a madhouse.  Today was a good day...I had to be on top of my game, though, and dig deep for that extra patience and attention for certain students...

  • Pumpkin carving-- This morning, I left a humungous pumpkin sitting in the corner of the room without telling the students about it.  Once they noticed it, they totally FREAKED OUT/loved it.  I carved the top during their Specials, and at the end of the day, we opened the pumpkin up.  Each student had a chance to grab a handful of seeds to put on a paper plate.  Gooey!  It was actually my first time carving my own pumpkin, and it was clear to me that it was the first time most of them have seen/felt the inside of a pumpkin...so cute!  We'll be eating roasted pumpkin seeds tomorrow.  Today, they put the seeds in ten-frames to take home. :)
  • Where the Wild Things Are by Sendak-- My para read the book while I administered the MEPA elsewhere.  I planned for her to help the kids draw and write about their own "wild things."  Their names were so creative, and some students put a lot of effort into their creations!  I will use them to make a class book. :)
  • Recess duty really cuts into my day, and it stinks that I have it 3x a week...blah :/
  • The copy machine at work is having a tough connection to the network and printing from classroom computers...FML! I hope it's fixed tomorrow. :/
  •  $25 gift card for each classroom teacher from the PTO to use at the Book Fair! Unexpected surprise :)

Biggest Concerns Right Now:
  • P/T conferences
  • Staying patient and kind enough to understand and maintain composure around behavioral kids
  • Maintaining organization
  • Placement of students/flexible grouping
  • my ELA schedule tomorrow
  • independent work for centers during literacy and math time

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's only Wednesday?

Do you ever have those weeks that are neverending?  Story of my life...I can't wait for the weekend!  So much information, reflection, and critiques packed into three days already...I'm overwhelmed.

Highlights/Low-lights of today:
  • One of my little ladies stayed on green all day AND filled up her sticker chart. :) She was so proud to go in the prize box. :)
  • Three boys punching friends today-- not okay!! :(
  • Parent meeting AND admin meetings afterschool today :/
  • New bulletin board and door design up! :)
  • Slept through my alarm today and didn't wake up until 7:30..wahhh :(
  • Book Fair preview with kindergarteners who cannot write...nightmare! :/
  • scary test was not so scary :x
  • hearing/eye checks from the nurse finished...o_o
  • productive math groups :) but didn't get to work with all students
  • Thought: Do my kids eat the glue sticks!?? holy smokes...

Biggest concerns:
  • Student behavior-- how to stop their craziness and teach them to get along with friends!
  • Aligning curriculum with standards and meeting the needs of all my students
  • Building a relationship with my new support/resource
  • "Getting it done."

Photos today:
New bulletin using the K sight words "I" and "like"

    Tuesday, October 25, 2011

    First Post

    I am unsure about keeping this blog, but for now, it's a good experiment.  My principal suggested that I jot down my thoughts and reflections of each day as a first-year teacher.  We're 35 days into the school year, and I feel that I've lost out on sharing a large chunk of my year!  I think I'm going to use this blog to commemorate moments from my day; to list things I can improve on; and to keep track of what is working.  So here goes!  (P.S. I'm a "list" person...)

    • Yesterday one of my students wrote his name for the first time all year! I wanted to cry...oh, happy day! :)
    • Long phone calls in the midst of my day from people without classrooms-- where in the world is that okay?! >:-(
    • Complaints/"comments" from other teachers, paras, and staff members-- :'(
    • New call/desk bell works like a charm and saves my voice. :)

    Biggest concerns right now:
    1. Administrative observations
    2. Possibly misplaced students
    3. Math Centers
    4. The real definition of "doing a great job"
    5. Parent-teacher conferences next month