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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

first 2 days of kindergarten

OMG. so.drained.
those k students.
they got me.
first seminar class last night.

new student today.
14 altogether.

sang new name song to the tune of "where is thumbkin?"
"Hello (child's name).  Hello (child's name).  How are you?  How are you?"
DIED when R said "good." HAHAH

introduced "David."
"Ms. Seeto, David's not brown!!"
my poor first graders don't know what hit them.
we will survive.

students LOVED this.  a little over their heads with the teacher speaking without being illustrated, but the actions by David speak to them.

first craft of the year! woop woop!

in plain view for when they line up for specials ;-)

found this via The Inspired Apple on Pinterest...love this for the beginning of the year for K

left school at 6:45 and saw these right in front of my car!!  then one more appeared...it's looking at me...

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