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Saturday, October 29, 2011


  • I baked pumpkin seeds for the kids, and they used it to do a quick math activity in centers...then they ate them!  Only 2 students didn't try the seeds, and everyone else loved them. :)
  • A student gave everyone the finger during lunchtime, and I had to bring him to the principal's office...what kind of kindergartener does that?! :(
  • There's a new wired fence around the playground equipment that really helps out recess duty...I just wish that we were still saying no to kids on the spider jungle gym (it makes me so nervous!). o_o
  • Drew a face on my huge pumpkin and the kids loved seeing it. :)
  • Playtime stations with the kitchen, house, and markers really divides the kids and helps things run smoothly. :)
  • Spoke to another first grade teacher about pushing a student into her class for part of her literacy block. :)
  • Comments about my math and alphabet in the kids' bathroom...they spend half their days in their; so they might as well be in an educational environment! :)

Biggest concerns right now:
  • Integrating my kids with mainstream classrooms
  • Synthesizing lessons from three different teachers' manuals for literacy
  • My Halloween costume for Monday
  • Kindergarten breakfast being served during Snack, starting on Monday

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