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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First Post

I am unsure about keeping this blog, but for now, it's a good experiment.  My principal suggested that I jot down my thoughts and reflections of each day as a first-year teacher.  We're 35 days into the school year, and I feel that I've lost out on sharing a large chunk of my year!  I think I'm going to use this blog to commemorate moments from my day; to list things I can improve on; and to keep track of what is working.  So here goes!  (P.S. I'm a "list" person...)

  • Yesterday one of my students wrote his name for the first time all year! I wanted to cry...oh, happy day! :)
  • Long phone calls in the midst of my day from people without classrooms-- where in the world is that okay?! >:-(
  • Complaints/"comments" from other teachers, paras, and staff members-- :'(
  • New call/desk bell works like a charm and saves my voice. :)

Biggest concerns right now:
  1. Administrative observations
  2. Possibly misplaced students
  3. Math Centers
  4. The real definition of "doing a great job"
  5. Parent-teacher conferences next month

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