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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's only Wednesday?

Do you ever have those weeks that are neverending?  Story of my life...I can't wait for the weekend!  So much information, reflection, and critiques packed into three days already...I'm overwhelmed.

Highlights/Low-lights of today:
  • One of my little ladies stayed on green all day AND filled up her sticker chart. :) She was so proud to go in the prize box. :)
  • Three boys punching friends today-- not okay!! :(
  • Parent meeting AND admin meetings afterschool today :/
  • New bulletin board and door design up! :)
  • Slept through my alarm today and didn't wake up until 7:30..wahhh :(
  • Book Fair preview with kindergarteners who cannot write...nightmare! :/
  • scary test was not so scary :x
  • hearing/eye checks from the nurse finished...o_o
  • productive math groups :) but didn't get to work with all students
  • Thought: Do my kids eat the glue sticks!?? holy smokes...

Biggest concerns:
  • Student behavior-- how to stop their craziness and teach them to get along with friends!
  • Aligning curriculum with standards and meeting the needs of all my students
  • Building a relationship with my new support/resource
  • "Getting it done."

Photos today:
New bulletin using the K sight words "I" and "like"

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