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Sunday, May 20, 2012



  • LAT data sheets are being completed...so much to get done with those, report cards, and end-of-the-year assessments! 
  • getting reallyy stressed about Literacy Day on Friday because only 4 of my parents are showing up...meaning 6 kids will have no one to read with Friday morning...I'm hoping that some of the people I invited from around community will come in to read with my kids...including my mom and sister who I may have to force!
  • one of my kids has a mom who is having a baby, and I can tell that he and his family are really excited...he told me that his mother would be happy about his prize box prizes because the baby likes erasers...super?
  • My Food Plate presentation by the director of food services was on Friday, and the kids LOVED the chef hats and trying different fruits!  We partnered with the DLC class for the presentation.
  • Caterpillars are all in their chrysalides, and on Thursday afternoon, one of them was going nutso side-to-side at the top of the butterfly pavilion...I almost had a heart attack!! I had videotaped the chrysalides moving for the kids to see the next day on my Mac, and they went absolutely crazy for it...I wonder if the butterflies will have emerged by tomorrow! 
  • 18 more school days left, I think?  my, time flies!

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