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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monday and Tuesday


  • There is something in the air, and my kids are acting absolutely WILD! I thought that the great weather yesterday was the cause, but they were just as crazy today!  
  • Formal observation today with my principal...didn't go as well as I hoped...writing complete sentences with a Venn diagram was too challenging for them.  However, my para carried out first-grade groups really well, and I was grateful for her watching the clock.  My observation lasted for an hour and 20 minutes! Holy smokes.
  • ELL Family Night tomorrow night...have to be at the high school from 5 until at least 8:30pm...lovely.
  • 27 days left? WowwWwwWww

new weather wall

nasty....just got caterpillars from the science department

new door decoration: "If you give a student a..."

"If you give a kindergartener ice cream, he will ask for a cone."

If you give a first grader popcorn, he will want juice."

If you give a first grader a school, he will ask to learn about multiplication....and he will like it." HAHA!

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