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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Update

I went to the MATSOL conference in Framingham last Friday, and my favorite workshop was definitely the Mac programs to use with language-delayed students-- it was so inspiring, and I can't wait to implement different lessons and ideas I learned within my classroom!

This week is going to be cah-razy!  Tomorrow, I am going in super early because I was out on Friday, and obvi I need to play housekeeping in the room before even planning things.  It is also Picture Day tomorrow.  Tuesday is my 2nd formal observation with my principal, and I am super nervous.  Wednesday is ELL Family Night at the high school from 5-8:30pm...fun times...Thursday is a regular day (so I think), and I hope I can stay after school to spend QT with my classroom.  Friday is already Friday, and so begins another wonderful weekend followed by an extra long week!  Also, this week is National Teacher Appreciation Week!  I need to make sure to make time to make cards for other teachers, Nurse Appreciation week, Mother's Day, and 4th grade MCAS-- oh my!  busy busy!

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