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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


  • Just typed in "Thursday" as my title post...SURPRISE-- it's not.  bummer!! because then my long weekend would have started!! uggg-glug-glug
  • Learning Walk today was really nice...I enjoyed seeing how another classroom was set up and how reading groups worked at the 3rd grade level
  • interesting to come back to the classroom and not be in full teaching mode during ESL time since my para had things under control
  • crazy class-work being done during my preps and lunch time today
  • my girl L read up to a level C today!! to think that 2 months ago, reading an A level was hard for her-- you go, girl. :)  Thinking of guided reading activities for that group of "C"s and it is super exciting for me!! Just wish I had more time in the day to work with the kids on that...
  • had to postpone the kindergarten math test today because they are nuts, and I could tell their mindsets were out of whack.
  • our silly sentences for April Fool's inspired Dogs Don't Wear Sneakers turned out a little better this afternoon when I showed them my sample one
  • the reading specialist said that she was super impressed with my kids and told the principal--then she said that the principal thinks that I have a really great learning environment-- :) :) that's so nice.
  • K screening for next year began yesterday...wonder what's going to happen...
  • Math PD all day on Thursday; so tomorrow is almost like a Friday I suppose...minus jeans

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