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Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday--and back at it

Today wasn't too bad for the first day back after April vaca!


  • ESL went well-- glad to know when kids are totally lost
  • began Laura Numeroff stories to reinforce cause and effect with the first-graders...they loved the silly cat in If You Give a Cat a Cupcake...new story tmrw...
  • longgg day today with staff meeting until 5:10pm and K Math Night set-up, event, and clean-up until 7:45pm = I'm in my jammies right now ready for dinner and bed
  • 2 of my kids showed up for K math night-- I was so proud of them and their parents!!! yayy!! :) It's so fun working with them outside of the classroom
  • Forgot to send myself the pics for my dandelion/ "I Wish" display-- ughhh

wind socks from before vaca!  display cause and effects of the wind (1st grade) as well as favorite seasons (kindergarten)

one student said they looked like jellyfish-- haha!

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