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Monday, March 12, 2012

Spirit Week- Day 1

Highlights/ Low-lights:
  • Today was Spirit Day, and I was obvi on the committee for planning the week.  rocked out my powderpuff jersey today after dusting it off a bit!
  • Cat 1 training after school
  • haven't been feeling so hot these past 24 hours...
  • handed out pencils for spirit week
  • trying really hard to get at least 4-5 running records accomplished every day so that I can send books home with the kids to practice reading...just need to begin keeping a book list for what they've read so they can see their progress!
  • interviewed a student from Mexico for my Cat 1 homework...soo interesting!!
  • finished report cards on Saturday-- holla holla!
  • bringing up students to OTL again

Biggest Concerns:
  • observation from my mentor tomorrow
  • finishing MELA-Os
  • when is my next formal observation?
  • P/T conferences
  • parent phone calls
  • forged signatures and declining student effort -.-

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