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Tuesday, March 27, 2012



  • driving from Kingston has been super brutal for the past 2 school days-- what a long commute!  Makes me tired and groggy in the morning...also, the cold weather makes me grumps.
  • no Reach song this week is kind of stinky...but it lets us read a story in the morning so that we have more ESL time :)
  • 100s on all key words tests today for K and 1-- holla holla!
  • must remember the assembly tomorrow for first graders...
  • one of the first-graders got stuck in his jacket today and I almost DIED laughing while my para tried to help him.  He was sobbing, and I felt bad for laughing-- but the whole situation was ridiculous..oh boy. poor kid.
  • Do I assess my kids too much?
  • I'm confused about which kids to do DRAs on...
  • What should I be doing for progress monitoring?
  • must remember to do letter ID tomorrow
  • glad my little K friend is happy with his new grouping during ELA :)
  • parent meeting on Friday
  • must read article for math course by Thursday--boo.

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