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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spirit Week- Day 5

  • Today was Lucky Green Day for St. Patty's Day...I bought my kids green mardi gras necklaces (just in case someone didn't wear green-- which two of them didn't!).
  • We had a class picture photo shoot today-- woohoo, gotta love those.
  • hunting for Lucky the Leprechaun today in my mentor's classroom--the kids were so excited!
  • Irish soda bread snack with our kindergarten friends
  • report cards for Grade 1 went out today
  • kids were SOOO chatty today
  • dismissed original ESL plans for Writers' Workshop-- it was so much fun! "What would you do if you caught a leprechaun?"  We answered this with a TPS and writing prompt and picture.  They came out so cute!
  • Lucky Charms graphing activity this afternoon
  • Scholastic freebie with "Have you see my pot of gold?" Kids were so excited that they could actually read it!


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