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Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Monday

Highlights/ Low-lights:
  • THIS GIRL was at Dunks this morning at 6:10 to pick up her Box of Joe for her workshop beginning at 7:30am!  I also halved apple turnovers and croissants as breakfast treats for my super nice participants.  I ended up having 8 professionals at my workshop, and I was so nervous.  I was only expecting 4-5 people.  My principal and the other teachers LOVED the Pictures Books for Reading and Writing Workshop packet, and my principal wants to use it for a future PD...how exciting!
  • Math was dragging in K today, but it was interactive, and gave the kids something new to do...unifex cubes with whiteboards and equations...hard stuff for 5-year olds!
  • ELA went okay today...it's nice when each group of students has a teacher with them so that they don't make extra noise or run around seeking attention.

Biggest Concerns:
  • How can you tell if a student isn't understanding a concept because of a lower IQ or because he is developmentally "not there" yet?  I wish there was a checklist for these things...
  • Last grad class tomorrow night!  But still needing to finish up my projects...
  • How do I write language objectives for my students? ughh...

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