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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Tomorrow is Friday, and I am just so so so excited!  This week just feels so long, and I think it's because the consistent 5-day weeks are wearing me down.  I.can't.wait.for.vacation.  5.5 more school days!

  • My twinsies birthdays today...6 years old and they were wearing matching outfits today!  I love it when my kids can wear crowns around the school-- they get so excited.
  • 2 math CPTs again because I really needed to see how the quarterly 2 assessments will look like, and whether or not my kids will be successful!
  • asked my para to pep up her energy today...I hate being put in a position like that...
  • Kindergarten "cupcakes" for the letter C came out cute :)
  • Grade 1 choral reading/singing was nice
  • my first Staff holiday party tonight-- It was more fun than I thought, but it's exhausting to work all day and be social with the same people at night!
  • #s 1-10 in shaving gel today with suspects 1 and 2...#1 loved it, and it seemed to be working (for the time), and suspect 2 was just being foolish.

Biggest Concerns:
  • Suspects 1, 2, 3, and now 4!
  • quarterly assessments are on the back of my mind
  • Will my students forget everything they've learned after the break?
  • schedule changes
  • pacing my kids and meeting their different needs
  • pj party next week?

Shaving gel and Elmer's glue cupcakes for the letter "Cc" (with pink sprinkles)

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