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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Yesterday was Friday--  *celebration dance.*  So exhausted from these long weeks, just absolutely insane.

Highlights/ Low-lights:
  • ESL groups went well again with K and Grade 1 divided
  • love having L substituting in the building so that we can chat throughout the day!
  • made foam gingerbread men today...the kids don't know that we will be having real ones on Monday =)
  • sent in my next course for credit approval
  • sent in my version of the new schedule for January
  • tested Grade 1 on their spelling words and also pretested them-- good thing I remembered

Biggest Concerns:
  • preparing my kids for the math quarterly assessments
  • finishing my final grad paper for Tuesday when this weekend is already feeling crazy-busy
  • packing in the gingerbreadman stuff for next week!
  • putting the student gifts together in time for Friday
  • pj party on Thursday
  • planning for next week...I feel like the whole week is going to be discombobulated

foam gingerbread men with glue concoction, whole-punched buttons/smiles, beads for accessorizing, googly eyes, glitter, and blue or red yarn for hair

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