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Thursday, December 1, 2011


First FULL day without my aide today -- what is a girl to do?! JK, we were fine, and we had such a nice day!  There was a sub, but she was very pleasant and "obedient."  Get what you get...

  • Sub today: "I really enjoyed being in your room today.  I like what you do with the children, and I like how you walk around with them.  I liked being here today."  SO NICE TO HEAR!  I have been feeling really scrutinized and criticized lately by other professionals, and this lady was so nice. :)  Not the sharpest tool, but very nice and genuine.
  • One little girl might be moving today or tomorrow-- I'm terrified! :( so sad.
  • First random act of kindness= get well cards for my aide...impromptu since I forgot to email myself the documents from home-- oops!
  • New hire meeting this morning 7:30-8:15; then ELL departmental team meeting after school 3:30-5:15...wacko.
  • I went to 2 CPT team meetings today (one for K and one for 1st grade).  I loved being included in both, but I hated missing my prep time.  However, I like that I feel comfortable with going to both, and I NEED that information and feedback about my quarterly results compared to the mainstream classes!  so importante.
  • December is getting packed with events/meetings-- as well as projects.  I kept referring to and adding to my planner today!

Biggest Concerns:
  • Grade 1 Report Card due tomorrow for Tuesday--aksdjf;lawjelf;kjsaldfjldsjfljf.
  • math data used for instruction
  • holiday celebrations and instruction

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