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Monday, January 9, 2012

crazy Monday!

There was so much to do today and so little time!! I got to school at 7am, and the janitor joked all day about me being late!  That is my life...

  • J in my class is so cute! He works so hard and has progressed so much since Day 1 in Kindergarten.  I am so proud of him.  He drew the cutest version of Fireman Small in his journal today...loves it.
  • I am loving my group of 5 kindergarteners.  It is such a treat after our first half of the year, which was quite crazy and nutso.
  • Why are the first graders not understanding representations of 10?  They need help...
  • I just finished formatting a new comment sheet/report card for Kindergarten, using the notes from the 2 K teachers at my school.  It definitely took me 2 hours to do, but it looks bomb. :) Just size 9 font though...
  • I love the new Monday/Tuesday schedules now because we get so much work done in the morning, and then the kids can have their fun in the afternoon!
  • The principal helped me officially announce the first day of the Lunar New Year (Jan. 23rd), and we agreed to ask everyone to wear red for good luck.
  • Definitely started shopping for Valentine's Day supplies today...NBD.

Biggest Concerns:
  • My next formal evaluation is unannounced-- ay caramba!!  The warning came out in our weekly update today that the next cycle of evals will be completed on the 25th...great.
  • How well will my K students do on their Unit test this week?
  • How will the first graders do with the quarterly in February if we are just finishing Unit 4 mid-next week? Hm..
  • Kindergarten report cards
  • How well will my students be able to memorize their phone numbers and addresses in 2 weeks? eek!
  • My mom's CNY activity on the 25th

Photos: trying to start a "Grammar" wall...

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