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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Highlights/ Low-lights:
  • thought it was my recess duty, but it wasn't-- wore the neon yellow vest around and outside the school for no reason...lovely.  that is my life!
  • fortune cookies and dragon coloring this afternoon (to prepare for my mom coming in tomorrow!)
  • all assessments done?  what? no...
  • splitting first graders in half for ESL...hopefully that will bring up their scores/comprehension
  • kindergarten loves the farm unit! :)
  • grocery shopping in math today...twas fun, but I hope they're understanding what I'm talking about...
  • Tattling Tiger was b-u-s-y today!
  • My kids were horrible during lunch...I heard them being spoken to from my classroom, when  my door was closed...ughhhh.  Keeping my para with them for the whole period now..
  • First grad class of the semester tonight...was a VERY long day! >.<

Biggest Concerns:
  • finding challenging fluency passages
  • getting my extra licenses...
  • materials for next year?
  • survival until February vacation...

MLK, Jr "I have a dream..." bulletin board (the students' faces are blocked out)

Sample from "I have a dream..." bulletin

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