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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Long Monday

Highlights/ Low-lights:
  • Happy Lunar New Year! :) Since my family celebrates Chinese New Year, I encouraged the whole school to wear red to bring good luck (with tons of help from my principal). I was excited to see so much red yesterday! In my class, we read Chinese New Year by Nancy Dickmann and talked about the different animals of the zodiac. I created coloring sheets with information stated particular to each student. While they colored, my aide and I handed out orange slices to bring more luck. Fun end of the day activity...
  • We finally finished my MLK bulletin..thank goodness..gonna leave it up for Black History Month.
  • Made up for some missing assessments today thanks to my aide.
  • Long staff meeting today about crisis prevention
  • Fire drill from an old light bulb
  • Notified at 10:30 that my liaison wasn't coming in for her 9:30 time. Okay...
  • 6 on the Tattling Tiger list today

Biggest concerns:
  • Fitting in all my winter themes in January/ February
  • K report cards
  • K math development and pacing

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