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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


  • The new Wed/Thurs/Fri schedule went well today.  I think I like the Mon/Tues one best, though, because getting all that work done in the morning allows us to slack off a little bit in the afternoon or play catchup. :)
  • trying to keep the upper hand on certain things, but it's really difficult to keep my composure sometimes...
  • Math was interesting today because different students from the usual shown, and we also focused on really grasping our teen numbers...shaving cream numbers soon? hmmm...
  • I was happy to go to CPT today so that I can see what the other grades are doing-- don't want to be left in the dust!  They were also discussing running records, which I really need help with!

Biggest concerns:
  • Kindergarten report cards
  • keeping up with data and assessments
  • losing prep time two days out of the week
  • upcoming math PD work along with my grad work...oh boy

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