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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wednesday wonders

Highlights/ Low-lights:
  • Super busy morning with copying completed for my ESL MTEL, hw, math course tmrw...oh man, nothing like a solid copying job. :)
  • Testing up the wazoo for my little friend J that might not even need testing now! Oops...
  • Brought up friend R during OTL and was proud to have a lot of data that I didn't really prepare well beforehand... the team was helpful and I really appreciated and valued their input.
  • My mom and her coworker came in for a Chinese New Year lesson today and it was really fun! Super rushed with a story, props, fried rice, and making lanterns, but the kids had fun and so did my super nervous mom.
  • CPT with my liaison was very productive today, but I feel like we are constantly talking over each other..headaches.
  • Missed kindergarten Info Night BC of my dinner tonight..

Biggest concerns:
  • K report cards
  • Students up for evaluation and how to get that done correctly 

Lucky envelopes, sample dragon head ornaments, Lucky New Year! pop-up book

My vest when I was a youngin'


Bedazzled lantern?