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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday frenzies

Highlights/ Low-lights:
  • Assessments and data collection are full steam ahead...wondering why my first graders did so poorly on some...extending instruction time to meet their needs...Thinking about switching K and Grade 1 instructors/ instruction if the next unit assessments are still poor
  • MLK board is coming together...just need to add 3 more finished projects
  • First winter snow shovel out of my driveway this morning .. rough.
  • Another indoor recess, but restarting my comp and inserting/ ejecting the DVD repeatedly made the video play! Woohooo! They loved Kidsongs "What I Want to Be" (knew they would)!
  • Put up signs today for wearing red for the Lunar New Year
  • Post conference with my director...uneasy about signing so quickly?... of course she didn't mention any dates about the ESL MTEL class...-.-
  • Math K is struggling with partners and how the counters can be rearranged so many times and equal the same number

Biggest concerns:
  • When should I start my penguin unit?  Maybe on the 30th...
  • CNY starts Monday, and my mom is coming in on Wednesday to talk to the kids about it. :]
  • New units beginning on Monday...lots to do
  • K report cards
  • tax forms
  • my grad class starts on Tuesday
  • future unannounced informal observations...
  • penguin bulletin board outside the classroom
  • farm animal display inside the classroom
Introducing "Tattling Tiger"...if a student begins to tattle about a friend, they have to sit in this chair ( in the corner of the room) and tell Tattling Tiger; then, he/she signs her name (and I add the dates later).  In the future, they will begin to write out their tattles.  This random idea of mine is genius...revolutionary!

Tattling Tiger Area

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