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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Highlights/ Low-lights:
  • When the kids first walked in, "Ms. Seeto, I missed you yesterday." awe, that's nice. :)
  • We caught a first-grader cheating on her spelling test! with a piece of paper in her pocket! Gasp...shocked.  My aide spoke to her, and then when I spoke to her, the student began bawling.  I gave her a second chance for the test after lunch, and hopefully my words will convince her to never do it again.  And she'd have to call her mother and tell her herself what she did wrong.  The nerve...
  • I am really enjoying my ESL time with my kindergarteners.  They did their best today with letter naming and sounds A-N...woohoo! Hopefully, they don't forget them over the weekend...
  • Read our last Chinese New Year story (My First Chinese New Year by Karen Katz).  Such a cute book!!!  I photocopied some of the illustrations and had my students recall details about Chinese New Year that they've learned this week. 
  • The kids watched the Kidsongs "At Old MacDonald's Farm" today, but I think it wasn't as engaging as the career one...
  • completed my K report cards, woohoo! enclosed in each envelope are: a letter about the SEI program, a 2 paragraph narrative about the specific student, the K comment sheet, a copy of the K comment sheet for parents to keep, and the regular report card.  Fun times.

Biggest Concerns:
  • category trainings held on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays in addition to the DSAC math PD course by the district and my regular grad course ...lovely.
  • mid-year evaluation write-up
  • where I will be next year

Chinese New Year wrap-up and whole-class map using photos from My First Chinese New Year
lanterns are hanging up at the expense of my safety while climbing onto tables, bookshelves, and desks to do so. :)

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