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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Highlights/ Low-lights:
  • Today was crazy...no other words can describe it...
  • The day began with a stabbing of my finger by a badly stapled journal...gushing...rough. -.-
  • Then...administered the first ELA QA2 to an individual student.
  • Then...rehearsal for our assembly at 9:30...where I videotaped my students so those not singing could watch themselves being foolish. -.-
  • Then...during math, one of my kids had an accident. -.-
  • Then...after lunch, I had an informal observation!  but it went well. :) Lorax activity obvi.
  • Then...recess duty, and I lifted up my friend to go on the swings...rough.
  • Then...assembly where my kids were front and center during a song that they didn't know all the lyrics to...oy vey.
  • Then...pictures with my 2 girls that dressed up for our "concert" today...so cute.

Biggest Concerns:
  • MEPA/MELA-O/ELA Q2 before March 16th-- super.
  • PT conferences in 3 weeks!!! I have to start cracking down on those p/t conference sheets from last time
  • DESE

getting started on my new bulletin board...

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