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Monday, February 6, 2012


The Monday after your team loses to the Giants in the Superbowl = not.fun.

Highlights/ Low-lights:
  • new vocab board looks good, engages the kids, and will hopefully build their vocabulary 
  • penguin tree map finally created...just going to read the poem tomorrow and hopefully paint penguins or rip/glue them mosaic-ly
  • Play-doh high frequency words-- kindergarteners loved it.
  • unknown numbers with kindergarten today to teach partners of 10
  • no 100s for the first-graders on their unit test in math
  • my principal asked me to be the staff spotlight for the March newsletter  O_O

Biggest Concerns:
  • category trainings-- are they happening?
  • Black History Month
  • Wed's PD and what to leave my para

Mr. Penguin


"You are making a boy penguin to be with the girl penguin?" >_>

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