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Monday, February 13, 2012


Highlights/ Low-lights:
  • Today was an OKAY Monday, except for the fact that 5 minutes before dismissal, one of my girls knocked over a cup of green paint.  It looked like slime was splashed on the floor from Nickolodeon. -.-
  • The kids LOVED the homemade valentine printouts I made on the computer (in case some don't have any tomorrow).  I wouldn't be surprised if they brought some in and still wanted to hand out the ones they colored!
  • Played our "Pieces of a Quilt" song for the kids today...needless to say, they were nervous when I said we'd have to memorize it for the assembly in 2 weeks... >_>
  • attended the union meeting with the superintendent today after school...embarrassing that I was falling asleep, but I just get so tired!  Ended up leaving 30 minutes early (after being there for an hour!) because I had things to do, and I couldn't stay until late late tonight...
  • Sometimes people smell...literally...
  • I hate when people don't listen to me; then they figure it out and mention it to me as if I didn't say it months and months ago. curses -.-
  • Grade 1 QA2s weren't as bad as I thought they might be!  Everyone was over 75%...that means they're all at least proficient right? hmmm

Biggest Concerns:
  • finishing my Valentines
  • pancakes tomorrow
  • valentines tomorrow

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