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Friday, February 3, 2012

Finally Friday


Highlights/ Low-lights:
  • day was chalk-full of assessments: K and 1 spelling tests; Gr. 1 Key Words Part 1 assessments; K #1-20 writing and oral counting...we didn't even get to the Gr. 1 unit test in Math
  • stayed after school later today (per usual, though...) to plan for next week and make copies, etc. since I will probablyyy not feel like doing it Monday morning after the Superbowl
  • Not happy with my Superbowl squares that I chose at work...rough times.
  • Kindergarten Farm puppets today...came out kind of cute, but not the best...whatevs, they loved them!
  • New Hire breakfast meeting this morning at 7:30...they are always so nice and stress-free...was kind of put on the spot by my principal thought to describe how my groups transition during center time (which doesn't happen anymore!).  Whatever...I was able to describe how things were in the beginning of the year
  • served the kids hot chocolate at the end of the day...forgot to get it ready for when they came back from recess, but that's okay.  They were psyched. :)
  • super-long playtime for Kindergarten because we were just DONE with the day/week
  • one of my K suspects got a 100 on his spelling test today! sthuper exciting :)

Biggest Concerns:
  • 100th day planning
  • Valentine's Day planning
  • category training and staff meeting schedules
  • guided reading groups... how to implement them and when?

Finally bought bead organizers to use for these borrowed letter tiles!  $3 for 2 boxes thanks to the overly-friendly Michaels employee, my 40% coupon, and my teacher's discount...woohoo!  And the kids helped me sort the letters into each designated section... holllaaa :]
Kindergarten "horse" puppet
Kindergarten "cow" puppet

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