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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Craziness

Highlight/ Low-lights:My morning began with making pancakes at 6am and packing maple syrup and bagels and cream cheese
  • Loved the valentines I went with today..."you're just write for me" :)
  • Goodie bags put togethecomputer was accidently shut down and now I don't know the log in...great.
  • Pancake and bagel breakfast was cute and fun
  • Last 40 minutes of the day were crazy because we combined making valentines for families with handing out valentines...woah baby.
  • Lipgloss in J's eye..poor guy

Biggest Concerns:
  • surviving until vacation

prepping for my valentines
cutest valentine notepads
Heart-shaped pancakes! I let the kids use cookie cutters to cut out their own. :)

valentines for kids

"I love..." writing prompt-- they were so excited to be using pink paper

[parent gift] foam hearts to frame their individual photos and attach glitter heart stickers to

Valentine rose from my dad :]

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