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Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's Friday, Friday...

TGIF...only 1 more week until vacation!!

Highlights/ Low-lights:
  • 8 100s on spelling tests today-- woohoo!
  • math centers were FUN today! Penguin game was a hit with the kids, and it really helps their subitizing and addition skills!  Interesting to see which kids counted each dot, counted on from another di, or stated "3+2" to figure out their answers... loved observing them.  Now I want to figure out how to use this game more often, especially within the next month...
  • situation with one of my girls today...worried about her, and I hope that everything is okay at home...
  • was able to fit in a story for Black History Month today...good thing b/c I've been slacking
  • 100th day for K students
  • arrived at 7:20 today and left at 4:40... record/slacking for me ^_-

Biggest Concerns:
  • student safety
  • Second Step implementation
  • IEP meeting on Wednesday
  • scantrons for Q2
  • category trainings postponed...
  • assembly next Thursday @ 9:15 about....who knows.
  • participating in assembly on the 28th...I have to prepare my students!

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