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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Busy Busy

Still trying to adjust to the new month and new visitors in the classroom-- so many people coming in and out as well as changes to my schedule...this drives me nuts.

  • IEP went well today-- love when parents are cooperative and seek what is truly best for their children. :)
  • Cancelled meeting tmrw that I was unaware of and looked silly for being out-of-the loop for! merr :/
  • SOO gosh darn tired today...driving home sleepy is so dangerous. :(
  • Having one student absent changes the whole dynamic of a classroom...
  • Owls hanging from the ceiling look SO GREAT...I'm really happy when my ideas work. :) The kids were creative and engaged in the activity.  This was also our first time using feathers for a craft...one student ate a piece from the rug-- disgusting...
  • Math went smoothly today, but I'm not sure how much learning there was compared to how much learning there COULD be...
  • CPT times without a time manager or concrete purpose are a waste of time...
  • My first "mommmy" call of the year...so funny :)

Biggest concerns at this moment in time:

Photos today:
"Mr. Owl" poem with faux-feathers

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