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Thursday, November 3, 2011

First Formal Observation

Almost had a panic attack today about my first formal evaluation...eeek!  So nervous and busy trying to organize my chaos.  However, the kids behaved, and they worked really hard in their centers-- yay!!  I'm not sure when my post-conference is, but it's nice to know that 1/5 of my formals are done...the rest will be unannounced though...fml.

  • survived my first formal observation, and the students were trying very hard to follow directions :)
  • pulled another 6:45am-7:50pm day...EXHAUSTED. o__o
  • I have #s 1-6 finished for my "All About the number" posters...only 4 more to go! :)
  • My story map organizer came out so cute!  Teacher blogs are my saviors this year. :)
  • Finally beginning to organize all the materials that Susan let me borrow-- or else the mess in my car will start spilling out the doors... o___o

Biggest Concerns:
  • ESL and Early childhood MTELs
  • my aide leaving after lunch, and me without a sub for the rest of the day...scary business!
  • assessments, assessments, assessments...quarter marks are due in less than 2 weeks--- ay caramba
  • number and letter ID for my kinders :/

Photos today:
Story Map with title, characters, and setting

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