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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day before Thanksgiving

I feel a little guilty saying that I haven't lifted a finger since 3pm on Wednesday to work on school stuff...but at the same time, it was such a nice Thanksgiving break!  I relaxed and really enjoyed my family and friends, and now I'm more excited than ever for Christmas vaca. 19.5 school days left ;-)

Highlights/Low-lights of last Wednesday:
  • Shaking heavy cream to make butter with the mainstream first graders was really fun today!  I loved the coloring activity for the kids while they took turns shaking their butter.  I made cornbread and pumpkin bread for them, and they were hits!
  • One of my kids was knocked in the face with his chair while taking it down, and he got a bloody nose-- rough day for him. :(
  • My aide worked with my kids to give a me a Thanksgiving present of a bracelet and ID case-- cute thought. :)
  • We made turkey cards for the school principal, secretary, lunch aide, custodian, and nurse-- trying to teach my kids to think about others!
  • Coloring page that I made on Tuesday saved the day because the kids had an activity to do while signing the cards. 

Biggest concerns:
  • IEP on Wednesday
  • meetings tomorrow and Tuesday morning
  • bulletin board ideas for winter?
  • Who celebrates Christmas in my class? not everyone...

Banana, Cranberry, Corn, and Pumpkin Bread with homemade butter! :)

Finished my #1-9 posters...woohoo!

Thinking of doing "25 Random Acts of Kindness" with my kids for December :)

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