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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Today was crazy, busy, hectic, and all.over.the. place.  I'm so glad that I will be going to bed soon and starting a new day tomorrow.  I have a parent conference in the morning, but other than that, hopefully no informal observations throw my day off! :/

Highlights/Low-lights today:
  • My early morning meeting today was not fun, and I feel judged and very under the microscope.  blehhhhh
  • I raised my voice so much today at my kids, and I feel so badly about it!  If no one comes to observe me before 2:30 tomorrow, they are getting extra playtime because they deserve it!  I think they are some of the hardest working kids in school...
  • I am disappointed in my 1st graders' quarterly math assessments, and it kills me that they didn't do better...:(
  • My internet was not working at school today, and it totally threw off my day because I couldn't PRINT anything from my computer; I couldn't CHECK MY EMAIL; I couldn't use my GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE for clipart; and I couldn't PLAY ANY ALPHABET OR COUNTING VIDEOS for my kids.  UGHHHHH-- I hope it works tomorrow.  I just sent my 5th complaint to IT of the year...they probably hate me!
  • I forgot my cell today at home-- FML.
  • I had a new hire meeting after school today, and it was actually very informative and not a bother to go to. 

Biggest concerns:
  • I hope I remember my parent conference tomorrow morning!
  • Liaison and technicalities for my room and for my students
  • Thanksgiving projects for my kids
  • Why did my 1st graders do so poorly?

Photos from today:
Embellished this turkey to include the First Grade sight words of the week!
Noun Sorting with magazine clips

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