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Monday, November 14, 2011

Longest Work Day Thus Far!

...meaning I spent 14 hours of my life at school today...holy smokes! My legs are so sore, and I might be so tired; but I still have things to do! Conferences 1-3, 5:30-8pm tomorrow, and I'm freaking out!  Oh well, today was a good day, and I think I am just going to ride that wave until Friday. 8-)

  • I am going to break some rules and add some photos of the kids' work today because they are just so cute!  The holiday season is coming up, and I am loving the Thanksgiving activities and crafts. :)
  • First parent/conference down...14 to go.  
  • My four kiddos on behavior charts all stayed on green today-- silent cheer. :)
  • My aide helped me get the 1st grade Quarterly Math assessments done-- she is awesome. :)
  • Time flies during the kids lunch/recess break of the day...
  • I like doing math calendar journals after specials in the afternoon-- it helps to wind them down. 
  • The "Thanksgiving Words" brainstorm went really well...the kids have no idea what I'm talking about because most of them have never heard of the holiday!  Some just learned that it's called a "turkey," not a "chicken"...

Biggest concerns:
  • nervous about my liaison coming in this week...what am I doing wrong? what am I doing right?
  • parent/teacher conferences...can it be Wednesday already?
  • Report cards for Grades 1 due the first week of Dec...ay yi yi
  • MTELs still...
  • Category trainings

Photos today:
"I am thankful for..."

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