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Monday, November 21, 2011

Busy Monday!

Today was and still is quite busy!  I am currently baking cornbread and boiling potatoes for my mashed potatoes to bring to school tomorrow.  Our ELL program is having a special Thanksgiving celebration for our students and their families.  I am very excited to celebrate (and eat); but right now, I'm stressed about finishing my food and homework in time for the Pats' game!

  • Created (with the K team) and completed the K Unit 3 pre-assessments...it's nice to get things done (even if my students flunked the pre!).
  • Working 2 literacy group blocks and then ending with a whole-class housecleaning craft was nice today...poor kids haven't been able to to finish many Thanksgiving projects! (We always start them, and then I move them onto the next activity!)
  • No CPTs tomorrow and Wed-- woop woop =)
  • Tried to stay late at school today planning so that I can work up to not planning on Wed!

Biggest Concerns:
  • The food I'm cooking for people who have never tasted my food!
  • Finishing my grad school work for tomorrow (observation and article)
  • Grade 1 report cards
  • IEP meeting next week

Photos from today:
"The Native Americans helped the Pilgrims hunt and grow food."

HF words, Patterns, and American History...oh my!

HF words ("the") for K, and content words for Grade 1 :)

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