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Sunday, November 20, 2011

On Friday...

What a crazy week last week!  I was so happy to make it to Friday, and I am so pumped that it's the weekend now!

  • My p/t conference went well today...The mom and I talked for a half hour about her two boys, and she told me how one of them absolutely loves school...yayy! =)
  • No playtime at 2:30; but the kids were able to play for 15 minutes before dismissal.  I was just relieved that the Kindergarteners finished their unit 2 tests! woohoo!  And my little girl who spoke no English at the beginning of the year and knew no numbers, shapes, or math vocab got a 19/20 on her test...I AM SO PROUD OF HER! =)
  • My friend came in during math and said that everyone was so quiet...I have never heard that before..wow!
  •  Yay! My internet was working again on Friday afternoon so the kids were able to watch their Alphabet and Counting videos-- oh, happy day...I am going to try to have my brother burn the YouTube videos for me so that I have them in case of emergencies!

Biggest Concerns:
  • Finishing my Thanksgiving projects with the kids before the Christmas season kicks in!
  • Baking cornbread and making mashed potatoes tomorrow for Tuesday's Thanksgiving feast
  • Baking cornbread and pumpkin bread for Wednesday's churning butter activity with another first grade classroom =)

Photos from Friday:
We read Turkey Trouble today, and the kids LOVED it.  They asked me to read it again on Monday! :)

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