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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Psycho-crazy Wednesday

Today did not feel like a Wednesday, and I was on-edge aLL daY...

  • I hate having other professionals come into my classroom and judge me, my para, and my classroom instruction/set-up without constructive criticism.  HATE IT!! :(  I cannot work with "my way or the highway" personalities.  WAHHH!
  • My para is so supportive of me and my instruction.  Sometimes, I think she gives me too much credit, but it's such a morale boost.  What would I do without her?
  • My post-conference went okay today, but I can't help going on tangents!  We spent my entire 40-minute prep time discussing her observation; followed by my gripes about other things...Just because I'm a new teacher doesn't mean that I don't know the rules and that I don't know when my boundaries are being stepped on! >.<
  • I am excited for the K/1 Staff breakfast tomorrow because I just like staff gatherings when everyone is more relaxed and can see each other.  I was happy to make and pass out the flyers for it...small touches mean a lot!  However, I wish the breakfast wasn't at 7:45 because that is my prime working time.  Oh well, it is what it is.
  • Conference scheduling between the SEI classrooms AND ELL families in the mainstream classrooms is so stressful!  I hope my charts are actually helping teachers and not stressing them out...
  • Owl presentation today...the kids LoVeD it, but some were terrified when the bigger owls flapped their wings and tried to escape from the presenters.  One of my little ones had to sit on my lap because she wanted to cry. :( Poor thing...
  • I was at school at 6:25 this morning before the building was unlocked, and left at 6:40 at night...these days are making me sooo tired.  And I'm getting sick... (silent violin)
  • I got a bloody nose at school today-- what the heck?!
  • DRA on one of my first graders didn't turn out as stellar as I thought she would be...however, I'm glad others are helping me to assess my kids because goodness knows I need so much help!

Biggest concerns:
  • Student evidence for p/t conferences
  • The L in my room-- what is her purpose; what am I supposed to do to prepare for her; how can we plan for a whole week together when we only have 40 minutes a week to sit down and discuss?; why won't she take charge of a group and just own it?; what am I doing wrong/right?
  • p/t translator issues...gonna be a doozy!
  • Unit ELA/Math assessments for kindergarten and first grade as well as quarterly assessments due next Friday
  • My videotaping for grad school that I have to remember to do tomorrow...wishing, hoping, praying that I don't forget!

Owls "can, have, are" Graphic Organizer

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