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Saturday, November 5, 2011


  • First grade journals in a small group works really well for them...they get support when needed, and I can help them with writing skills/concepts about print :)
  • I love days when I don't need to meet for forty minutes-- extra prep! :)
  • Literacy groups and the work planned for each one in piles works well :)
  • There is no time to assess my kids individually-- ughh! :(
  • HF words for first grade will be a huge challenge for some of them-- how can I teach them when we only have a 3-day week next week? hmm...maybe morning ELA reviews o__o
  • Punching during lunchtime-- what to do what to do :(
  • Owl prey project came out cute, and the kids were really engaged :)
  • I like the "can, have, are" graphic organizers...they help reinforce these sight words and connect ideas to print :)
  • Crazy afternoon when my para leaves early...glad the kids tried to work with me.  The kinders were able to work with pattern blocks and pumpkin letters for a loonnnggg time while I did a lesson with the first graders...
  • Playtime at the end of the day is a nice reward for the kids...wish I had more time to do it...

Biggest concerns:
  • P/T conferences next week-- I don't feel prepared
  • Math assessments for Gr. 1 in small groups: QQ4; Unit 3 pre-assessment; Unit 2 test; 1st quarter assessment-- poor little ones...I'll have to bring in a treat for them next Thursday.
  • Still need to finish letter ID and HF weekly with Gr 1 and Kinders

Photos today:
"Mr. Owl" poem, bordered by owls with their "prey"

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