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Monday, November 7, 2011

Mas o menos Monday

Today was not too shabby (for a Monday)!  Two common planning times in the morning with my kids in Specials; then literacy stations went pretty well today.  Maybe I am finally getting the hang of this thing...

  • ORGANIZED and carefully planned literacy stations that allow the kids to be independent really work-- but it sureeee takes a lot of work to get it all ready!
  • Sometimes it's better to keep you mouth shut.
  • I have so many things to do with my kids to celebrate Thanksgiving-- I hope we have time!!
  • Moving my number posters around so that the kids can look at them when they're not looking at me...
  • My internet connection was down at school today-- I hope it works on Wednesday!!  Or else I am in big trouble...
  • New books for the kids today after the huge library book sale-- yayy!! They were so excited, and I think I picked a lot of good ones that interested them. :)
  • Lately, experienced teachers have been asking for the worksheets and posters I've made/found to use in their classrooms-- I guess everyone has to change their plans no matter how many years you've been teaching!  Also, the new videos I've been finding to help the kids with their alphabet and counting are also FANTASTIC.  LOVE them, and the OT at my school was also interested in adding them to her Favorites to use with her students...:)

Biggest concerns:
  • Finishing informal letter ID assessments
  • Some of my 1st graders need to reread leveled texts for fluency-- how do I find time to do that with them?  I want to teach them to respond independently to texts, too!
  • PT conference times keep changing-- sooo stressful >.<

Photos today:
"All About the Number __" posters

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