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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First Parent Conferences of My Career

Parent/Teacher conferences are almost over!!  Just a couple more to schedule and meet with, and then I will be done...woohoo!

Highlights/Low-lights today:
  • Parent/Teacher conferences weren't too, too bad-- My voice started shaking a couple of times thought...
  • "Little Pilgrim" poems came out cute...messier than I thought though...next time, I'm going to make hats and caps out of construction paper to glue on instead of all that coloring.
  • I made the songbooks from Reach for each student; so that lesson went smoothly today with the liaison.

Biggest Concerns:
  • my first formal evaluation write-up
  • Gr. K 1st quarter assessments
  • grading Gr 1's quarterly assessments
  • K's math test on Friday
  • my meeting on Thursday morning...womp womp

Photos from today:
"Little Pilgrims" song

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