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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


December is tomorrow and I am both excited and anxious about December festivities, responsibilities, and restrictions!  However, I know that whatever we end up doing will be fun and thrilling for my kids. :)

  • 9am phone call: "What is today?" Today is Wednesday, today is Wednesday-- all day long, all day long.  "Today is Wednesday.  I thought you would be here at 8:30...as usual." -.-
  • CPT for my 3 kids only... whoops!
  • meeting @ 7:30 in the morning tomorrow as well as another one at 3:30 until 5 after school...hoo-ray. =/
  • Math stations have been pretty calm and effective lately (I think).  The repetitive stations are comforting for students, and I think it gives them a small success at something they can do quickly and (sometimes) correctly.
  • Literacy stations have been NoiSy lately...but is it a "good" buzz or just distracting? hmmm...
  • Science director came in today to announce--> informal observation on Friday @ 12:35-- eeeek!
  • Finally sent in my course approvals for next year's (maybe) lane change...
  • November calendar journals stapled and in mailboxes for tomorrow!  Dec/winter themes start tomorrow.
  • 1 out of 3 observations done with my aide...:) She's so helpful!

Biggest Concerns:
  • What am I going to do for each "Random Act of Kindness"?  I swear I force myself into these stressful situations...
  • completing my report cards...
  • effective planning time and assessments...teacher-made assessments...how to collect data that leads to future steps to move FORWARD for kids
  • mentor observation next week
  • workshop for grad school next week

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