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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Fever

Thanksgiving fever is buzzing around school, and my kids are in a great mood!

  • ELL Thanksgiving celebration went well, and 3 of my parents showed up...yay!  The kids were well-behaved (for the most part) and they seemed to l-o-v-e the food served.
  • The feather headbands came out great!  AND the pin/elastic combo really helped keep them on the kids' heads! Hollaaa...
  • Family poem-letters are colored, feathered, and in mailboxes to take home tomorrow :)
  • Fall poetry books are almost ready to go home tomorrow!
  • A large turkey surprise for my aide today :)

Biggest Concerns:
  • Grade 1 report cards
  • Grad school PD workshop and coaching project!
  • teaching some of my K their #s 1-10 still! oy vey

Photos from today:

Orange/Red #s 1-10 Patterned headbands
K Letter to Family Member
Grade 1 Letter to Family Member

Turkey Surprise!

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