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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


  • It was nice to join the K ELA CPT again today, but it was bad having to rearrange my groups due to someone calling in sick today! boo.
  • My student busting out and singing Nicki Minaj right before the beginning of math..HA!
  • I fixed the copy machine this morning-- hooray for me!
  • Almost forgot to bring the library card information sheets to the public library today-- that would have been horrible!
  • I am reinventing how I do science, and I'm kind of excited about it!  Trying to be flexible and make it fun and accessible for my kids.
  • "Rest time" is not very quiet in Room 24...
  • I think someone poo-oopsied in his pants today during math-- kindergarteners are such babies.  Stinky Pete.
  • The nurse told me that she always sees me smiling. :)
  • I forgot to mention that a student drew a picture of me and my mother yesterday during Art class-- how charming. :P

Biggest Concerns:
  • Gr. 1 report cards
  • integrating literacy and science curriculums
  • appropriate assessments for K and 1
  • making time for my grad school coaching project and PD workshop within the next 2 weeks
  • 2 observations are looming nearby-- I can feel them!

Photos: Projects "in the Works"

Science Vocabulary throughout the units

December/ Kindness Theme

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