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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

I was so excited for a brand new month beginning today, but I have to admit that I had a slightly crummy day. :( I felt rushed and unorganized today-- I haaate that...and I also felt ill-prepared and on-edge.  My kids feed off of that energy so much, and I felt bad for the couple of times I raised my voice...the poor little babies. It didn't help my mood today that I had class tonight as well as an IEP tomorrow morning and my formal observation the day after that...WAHH.

  • Di-cut turkeys for the coat hangers came out cute :)
  • First graders really enjoyed "Rainbow Writing" their sight words :)
  • Literacy groups today were a HOT MESS...I lost a stack of copies made the other day, and I didn't have a project planned for the theme center! :(
  • Meeting with one of the translators today to plan out my literacy periods...:/
  • Fall leaves coloring with markers was successful :)
  • The kids liked the 100 video I found...very mellow and calming :)
  • Morning meeting first thing in the morning worked out well, and I think that after getting used to calendar journals, those will work out nicely. :)

Biggest concerns:
  • Am I taking the right steps to help my K students meet their math benchmarks?
  • What assessments should I be using for my first graders and Reach?
  • Asking colleagues for favors
  • Keeping up with everyone
  • ESL and Early childhood MTELs...donde?!
  • Owl projects for tomorrow while I'm at my meeting

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