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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Hump Day

  • Alphabet video for the kids :)
  • poems to parents and turkeys with markers and traced hands :)
  • literacy groups :(-- Play-doh center did not work out with the new mats...
  • math groups with feathers/addition/dot-to-dot fish worked well :)
  • math calendar journals after afternoon specials= golden :)
  • getting trapped in school gossiping/rivalries... :/
  • corrected and marked HW for yesterday and today during CPT = big help :)
  • catching bathroom culprits by tallying # of times in the BR at the door...lots of work, but keeps them on track  o_o
  • one of my kids might move away :( 

Biggest concerns:
  • p/t conference on Friday
  • Grade K quarterly math assessments-- finishing them on time!
  • meeting with my director tomorrow morning @ 7:15am -.-
  • results of the Grade 1 math quarterly assessments

Something so simple can engage my kids and make them so excited. :)

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